Financial Wellness Benefit

46% of employees report being distracted by their finances at work, and spend three or more hours at work each week thinking or dealing with issues related to their personal finances. What’s more, 50% of employees reported they lack the required savings to handle unexpected emergency expenses1 .

Financial Wellness Coaching from HPM Partners is a personalized financial planning service that helps employees overcome these issues and more, while planning for a more secure financial future. Our Financial Wellness program focuses on the Six Facets of Financial Wellness and is designed to improve the overall financial well-being of employees and their families.

Six Facets of Financial Wellness

  1.  Budgeting
  2.  Savings & Investment Management
  3.  Credit & Debt Management
  4.  Estate Planning
  5.  Insurance Planning
  6.  Retirement Income Planning

We believe that forming a personal relationship with employees is vital to achieving overall financial wellness. Thus, employees are provided an ongoing, dedicated HPM Financial Wellness Coach who will work to understand each employee’s comprehensive financial story. Coaches then provide education, guidance, and continuing support to help employees overcome financial hurdles and stay on track towards reaching their financial objectives. We are your employees’ accountability partners.

Our Wellness Coaches always work in a confidential nature and can be available to assist employees onsite or remotely. This employee benefit is not only highly valued by employee teams, but the resulting improvements in employee Financial Wellness can produce meaningful results for employers as well.

Benefits to Employees

  • Identify potential new sources of savings
  • Reduce/consolidate debt, including: student, credit card, personal, and other forms
  • Optimize 401(k) contribution amount and allocation mix
  • Clearly budget for today’s goals as well as tomorrow’s
  • Reduce stress and improve confidence in financial decision-making

Benefits to Employers

  • Attract and retain important members of your team
  • Reduced training and recruiting costs associated with lower turnover rates
  • Reduced absenteeism stemming from personal financial issues
  • Greater participation in employer-sponsored retirement and health plans
  • Improved employee satisfaction with workplace benefits

Why HPM?

  • Experienced nationwide team of Financial Wellness Coaches that has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small-to-middle market organizations
  • Employees receive their own personal Financial Wellness Coach as opposed to a software tool or digital interface
  • Our status as a fiduciary means we are legally obligated to provide objective advice in the best interest of our clients
  • We have no products to sell and receive no commissions for any investment recommendations made on behalf of our clients – our focus is solely on your employees

About HPM Partners

HPM Partners LLC is an independent national firm with in-depth expertise in investment management, financial planning, and retirement plan services. With no products to sell, we deliver objective, customized, transparent services and act as a fiduciary for our clients.

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1. PricewaterhouseCoopers Employee Financial Wellness Survey (2017)