Private Office

We are delighted to introduce you to the HPM Partners Private Office, a secure, digital workspace and private portal designed for the exclusive use of our clients. The Private office offers secure and easy access to all key portfolio details, allows you to securely view and preserve important documents, collaborate with your family and trusted advisors, and stay informed on current news and commentaries by global thought leaders.

Your Private Office Offers the Following Distinct Features:

Virtual Office

  • Access through state of the art security technology and unique, confidential log-in credentials
  • Ability to invite family, advisors and associates to become members of your Private Office
  • Creation of secure office forums for members to participate in ongoing discussions
  • Exchange of secure messages directly with members of your Private Office
  • Ability to maintain a secure calendar of meetings and events for members to view

Digital Vault

  • Ability to securely receive and store statements, reports and invoices from HPM Partners
  • Preservation of important personal documents in a secure environment
  • Ability to grant or remove access to the documents to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere

Portfolio Viewer

  • Secure access to your portfolio holdings and transaction details, and a view of your asset class diversification
  • Ability to view account performance over various time periods
  • Market news and research on stocks, exchange traded funds and the latest company headlines


  • Daily headlines from news agencies worldwide
  • “Investment Insights” by HPM Partners’ Chief Investment Officer and Investment Committee
  • Articles and commentary by global thought leaders on current trends in investments, wealth transfer, philanthropy, art and next generation education